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Cloudbusting Podcast

Jul 16, 2019

Want to lead your organisation from a caterpillar to a big, beautiful butterfly?

This week, Jez and Dave are joined by leadership wizard, Alastair Kidd, to discuss how changing your leadership approach can help you navigate the pain points of cloud transformation. Topics covered include the difference between complicated and complex, the Cynefin Framework and the benefits of sense-and-respond, humbly audacious leadership.

00:00 - Introductions

01:40 - News - How multiyear contracts with big business are changing the economics of the cloud

11:36 - Cloudy Cliffhanger Question

16:57 - Deep Dive - How do you lead a cloud transformation?

17:55 - A familiar story? - The pressures of cloud transformation

19:11 - You are looking for a complicated solution to a complex problem

20:00 - The Cynefin Framework ( more info here )

24:40 - What is the difference between complicated and complex?

28:00 - Respect cultural transformation - human relational system

29:30 - How do you lead through unknown territory?

32:35 - We need ‘sense and respond’ leadership as much as we need ‘predict and plan’

35:00 -  Tips for leading  a cloud transformation

39:20 - Summary

42:17 - Cloudy Cliffhanger Answer

47:04 - Ten Second Recommendations


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